Is tHEre a gender equality issue at the North Pole?

Posted by on 08/12/23

Santa Claus has never had an issue with recognition – he’s the man that makes Christmas happen right? But what about the role of Mrs Claus?

The success of Christmas Day still depends largely on women’s time, enthusiasm and budgeting skills. In a process that could start as early as autumn, the Christmas rush doesn’t stop until January when the last decoration is wrapped and packed away.

Responsibilities range from managing the expectations of family members and overexcited children to cooking up extraordinary quantities of traditional dishes, all while accommodating for ever-increasing dietary requirements. In short, just keeping the magic alive.

In literature, Mrs Claus stays at home while Santa does his rounds. In reality, most women would have saddled the reindeer, done the rounds and still be back in time to stuff and cook a turkey!

Now, as a busy working Mum, I look back with appreciation at how my mother delivered the magic of the festive season. I loved waking up with my sister on Christmas day to find proof of the magical Father Christmas; the snowy boot prints, the half-eaten mince pie by the fireside, the stocking crammed with presents.

All this to create the illusion that there was a jolly man making children’s dreams come true. But the reality is that it is usually Mum who is up until midnight, wrapping presents or sneaking into bedrooms to place stockings at the foot of beds.

This imbalance of responsibilities between genders is not just isolated to the production of Christmas. Women often carry the mental and physical load of unpaid work in households. Women are over twice as likely as men to manage the household budget, but nearly 4 in 10 report feeling guilty when buying something for themselves.

A women’s financial competency shows itself clearly in the household, yet a significant portion of women are yet to start investing compared to men. Investing can be the difference between a having a great career and having a great future. Right now, not only are men earning more, but they are also investing more. You can read more of my thoughts on this in my earlier blog: Four reasons why a woman’s financial path is not smooth sailing.

But for now, in this festive period, I hope that you have a lovely, not too exhausting Christmas, and that every single thing you do to create the magic of Christmas is both appreciated and enjoyable.

And perhaps it’s time to start thinking about a new year’s resolution that will get you on the investing train in 2023. I’ll be writing a blog with a roundup of advice to help you do just that!

Happy Christmas from all of us at Female Folio

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